Friday, 7 December 2018

1955 AWZ P70 Prospekt

Click link for a contemporary promotional film from Finland. Finland and Scandinavia were major export markets for IFA and DKW. DKW had enjoyed a solid reputation in the Scandinavian countries due to their car's ability to start in extremely cold conditions and the traction that front wheel drive provided in the snow. It's worth noting that the dealership in film is also agent for DKW sales.

Some screenshots:

Auto-Ala Dealership

Come and look at your new car

Never mind the snow, this car start's no problem.

And we have full service facilities

Made of the newest, lightweight material - Duraplast!  The panels are so flexible you can drive over them without damage.

And any damage that is done can be easily repaired.

Cracks and damage can be plastered over.

Economical on fuel

Just cents to fill up

AWZ - the modern car for today!

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