Saturday, 31 March 2018

1959 DKW Nachrichten Vol 53 - the last!

1959 and DKW Nachrichten (News) finally comes to an end. DKW News was first issued back in 1950 announcing the long awaited return of Auto-Union as a vehicle maker. At that time DKW had just begun manufacturing the Schnellaster van and RT125W motorcycle. Month on month, then quarter on quarter, DKW News documented the company's struggle back from the abyss, the return to car manufacture with the new Meisterklasse and then the new Sonderklasse and its successors. But, by 1957 readers of DKW News must have begun to see a decline in the quality of the magazine. Technical developments disappear from the pages and are replaced by pleasant photos of holiday makers and travel stories. To understand why this occurred, check out my story of the decline of DKW -

For comparison, here's the first edition -

Thanks to Ralf Kopmann of DKW Maintal for sharing these important documents.