Monday, 31 July 2017

1951 DKW Nachrichten Berlin Auto Show Special

This edition of DKW Information was produced for the 1951 Berlin Motor Show. Auto-Union's vehicle range had grown substantially since the company's meagre beginnings in 1950. The F89P meisterklasse model now included a handsome two door coupe and cabriolet, bodied by Hebmuller and Karmann. There was also now a sunroof limousine and a wooden bodied universal. The RT125 motorcycle had receive a bigger engined brother, the RT200.   

Thanks to Ralf Kopmann of DKW Maintal for sharing these magazines.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

1951 DKW Nachrichten Special

DKW Nachrichten produced a special edition to celebrate the 65th birthday of Auto-Union managing director, Richard Bruhn. Bruhn was instrumental to the company from the founding of Auto-Union in 1932 and the ressurrection of the company in the post war period.