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1953 Deutsche und Auslander Kraftfahrzeuge Vol 2. IFA F9

The situation for East German industry in the immediate post-war years was both chaotic and catastrophic. All manufacturer's were in ruins and almost all specialist component manufacturers were in the western zone. It would take a concerted, national effort to put together a functional industry. This technical report, written in late 1953, outlined developments and challenges within the industry.

The full publication is extremely technical and of limited interest to a general audience. I have only included the section on the IFA F9 in this post. I will extend the post with details about the BMW/EMW and other vehicles later.

Preface to the 1st edition
The nationally owned motor vehicle industry is facing great challenges: it must keep pace with the rapid upward development of our entire industry in order to cope with the significantly expanded transport and traffic tasks. These tasks, as well as the steady rise in the standard of living of our people, require that the motor vehicle industry broaden its program by developing new types and improving those already in production.

This task may be one of the reasons why the engineers and designers of the automotive industry asked this publishing house to present the most important new developments at home and abroad, technical improvements, and a critical appraisal of our own production in a book. The publisher believes that this book is fulfilling this wish. The main part of its content consists of essays that have appeared in our magazine "Motor Vehicle Technology." To venture into the special importance of fluid mechanics for the development of new types, Professor Jante has also started a work on this area.

May this book be a help to the technicians in the automotive industry, but especially to the designers, in solving the great task that the five-year plan poses to them.

December 1952

Preface to the 2nd edition
The present second edition of the work "German and Foreign Motor Vehicles" was necessary in order to meet the suggestions and wishes of experts.

The revision of the second edition mainly extended to the shortening of the section "Passenger Cars" in order to be able to include important treatises on the theory of motor vehicle technology. In addition, new test results from Soviet motor technology were included in order to make the experiences of the Soviet Union known to German colleagues. A technically better compilation of the various essays will be particularly useful for students, as they will then have the necessary documents for their studies in hand before the comprehensive three-volume work "Motor Vehicle and Motor Science" is published by VEB Verlag Technik.

November 1953

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