Friday, 30 June 2017

1929 DKW P-15 Brochure

DKW's first real car was the P-15, introduced in 1929. Rudolf Slaby was chief engineer on the project and adapted some of the design principles of his 1919 Electrowagen cyclecar.  The body was constructed as a self supporting plywood box without a chassis. The front and rear axles were attached directly to the body. The engine was a version of DKW's Z-range water cooled motorcycle engine, bored out to 500ccs. The engine delivered 15 horsepower, which was sufficient to move the car along at a reasonable pace. Drive was to the rear wheels by a drive shaft and differential.

The car came in a two seater cabriolet and coupe version. A rumble seat could be added in the boot. The P15 was in production from 1929 to 1931 and approximately 3000 cars were built.

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