Thursday, 10 August 2017

1952 DKW Nachrichten Special program - Frankfurt Motor Show

The International Motor Show of 1952 in Frankfurt am Main is the German automobile industry's first opportunity after the war to display on German soil testimony of their unbroken skill and technical ability. For Auto Union,which had undoubtedly suffered the most unfortunate consequences of the war, this is especially true. Before the eyes of the public is presented an impressive overview of what has been created within barely two years literally out of nothing.

The biggest surprise to visitors of the exhibition in Frankfurt is the new DKW luxury two-seater,  coupe and convertible, which is revealed to German and international audiences for the first time. Another surprise is the new DKW meisterklasse as a sunroof sedan and the new DKW universal.  Furthermore, the already known DKW Schnellaster program is enriched with new versions.

Despite the different appearance of all these vehicles, they do have one thing in common: they are genuine DKW vehicles that carry with them 30 years of experience in two-stroke motor technology. They are cars that are famous for their proverbial fuel economy, reliability and unpretentious unique driving characteristics.

This special issue newsletter provides an overview of DKWs extensive production program.

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