Saturday, 15 July 2017

1937 DKW Selling Agents Newsletter

1. Why advertise now?
2. From the mail bag
3. So what?
4. Why always so boring?
5. A cautionary tale...
6. Fixed price for a daring attitude
7. Our representative in Cologne raises a talking point
8. What the Imam of Yemen says about his Meisterklasse
9. You can crash an iron gate with a DKW. Another fact evidences the stability of the DKW body.
10. Aldekerk is certainly not a big city
11. 33 men and 1 DKW
12. DKW Lieferwagen
13. DKW around the world
14. A convincing statement

Resistant against shock and weather.

A well used DKW's bodywork still needs care as they will have seen every kind of weather condition, from wind, dust, rain and snow.

And the bodywork can tolerate blows like a heavyweight boxer, which is proved by accident reports, of which we already have a number where we have read of DKWs that crashed through iron bars or where struck without damage to the body.

It is elastic. There have been cases in which a DKW has overturned or performed similar acrobatic feats without suffering damage because plywood is elastic and is resiliently pressed. This elasticity has preserved many a DKW owner from bodily harm many times.

A boon to the already sensitive nerves of the people of our day is the fact that the DKW plywood bodywork does not rattle and vibrate like a drum, but the vibration noise is absorbed within itself.

It's obvious but also needs to be said - the DKW plywood bodywork is the ideal bodywork.

Here is a link to the DKW Praxis (authorised repairer's magazine) -

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