Friday, 22 September 2017

Volkswagen Transparent Factory, Dresden

Volkswagen's Transparent Factory in Dresden is a relatively short walk from the centre of the old town. The ultra-modern steel and glass factory was designed by architect Gunter Henn and opened in 2002.

View of the ultra-modern interior

Volkswagen Dresden's main product is the Volkswagen Phaeton as well as being a research and development centre for electric and alternative energy vehicles.

The highly automated factory was built to manufacture Volkswagen's luxury Phaeton model. Beneath the polished wooden floors is an electromagnetic conveyor that transports the cars through the factory. We did the factory tour although the factory wasn't in operation.

The factory tour includes a walk through of the factory's small museum.

Saxony's automotive heritage is celebrated with a fine display of Auto-Union vehicles.

A Horch 830 Pullman with an ambulance body.

A 1934 Audi Front cabriolet

The budget brands - a 1934 DKW F2 and 1928 Wanderer Puppchen

Wanderer's first automobile was the Puppchen in

The DKW F2 was the second generation of DKWs front-wheel drive cars.


Experimental electric powered Golf was trialed in 1976.

Another electric power trial using a Type 2 kombi-wagen.
The XL1 was an experimental diesel electric hybrid car that Volkswagen unveiled in 2002. They were shown at numerous car shows but remained only limited production vehicle. 

The car is a two seater with the driver and passenger seated in tandem. The cars are very effectively streamlined. A rear view camera provides rearward visibility.

A new electric Bulli which incorporates some classic styling elements.

Another new electric light commercial van concept.

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