Monday, 14 August 2017

DKW F91 to AU1000SP specifications and variants

This list of vehicle specifications and variants comes from a 1959 reprint of the Workshop Manual for DKW 3=6 cars. The first section details the F91 Sonderklasse range from 1954 to 1958. A post-1958 supplement expands on the F93 and F94 3=6 models. The final section comes from a 1961 supplement expanding on the Auto-Union 1000 and 1000SP models.

The new "Big DKW 3=6" arrived in 1958

In 1959 the new Auto-Union 1000S with a 1000cc engine was released.

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  1. Hi Paul. Just a small comment. The green pages in the 1959 workshop manual (black file cover) does not deal with the 1000S model (50hp engine) but only with the 1000 model (44hp) as can be seen on pages 33 and 35.

    Kind regards